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Dark Room wins Best Film: IFFK comes to a close

  • ·         Pellissery Best Director
  • ·         Sudani From Nigeria Best Malayalam Film

'Dark Room' won the Golden Crow Pheasant for the Best Film in International Competition at the Closing Ceremony of the 23rd International Film Festival of Kerala. Iranian filmmaker Rouhallah Hejazi received the award from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the Award Function that followed the Closing Ceremony at Nishagandhi. Lijo Jose Pellissery received the Silver Crow Pheasant for Best Director for 'Ee Maa Yau', and the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film In Competition. Anamika Haksar received the Silver Crow Pheasant for Best Debut Director for 'Taking the Horse to Eat Jalebis' and a Special Jury Mention for its Cinematographer Saumyanand Sahi, while \ Beatriz Seigner recieved a Special Jury  Mention for 'The Silence'. 'Ee.Ma.Yau' also won the Audience Poll as it garnered the most number of votes from the delegates. Zakariya's 'Sudani from Nigeria' was chosen winner for the FIPRESCI Award for Best Malayalam Film Amitabha Chatterjee was awarded the FFSI K R Mohanan Endowment for the Best Debut Director from India, for 'Manohar and I', as Vinu Kolichal received Special Jury Mention for 'Bilathikuzhal'. 

The Media Awards under various categories were also distributed in the event. In Print Media, Aravind (Metro Vartha) received the Best Reporter award, while Merin Maria (Indian Express) and N P Muraleekrishnan (Kerala Kaumudi) won Special Mentions. Shammy Prabhakar (Mathrubhumi News) received the Best Reporter award in Television category, while Honey K A (Kairali TV) won the Special Jury Mention. In the Radio category, the Best Reporting Award went to All India Radio, and Pravasi Bharathi won the Special Jury Mention. Mathrubhumi Online won the Best Online Reporting award, with The News Minute getting the special mention. T K Deepa Prasad (Times of India) was awarded the Best Photographer Prize (Print), and Chandran Aryanadu (Mangalam TV) was the recipient of the Best Video-Cameraperson (Television).

A K Balan, Minister for Welfare for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes, Law, Culture and Parliamentary Affairs, presided over the ceremony, which had Rani George IAS delivering the Welcome Speech. V S Sunil Kumar, Minister for Agriculture was the Chief Guest.  V Majid Majidi, Chairperson, International Competition Jury, Meghachandra Kongbam, FIPRESCI Jury member, Sunilt Tandon, NETPAC Jury member, Kumar Shahani, Chaiperson, FFSI K R Mohanan Endowment, S Sivakumar MLA, M Vijayakumar, Chairman, KTDC, Kamal, Chairman, Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, Bina Paul, Vice Chairperson, Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, Mahesh Panju, Secretary, Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, participated. 

The seven day celluloid gala came to end after entertaining cinephiles with over 160 films from around the world. The 24th edition will unfold in the capital city, from December 6 to December 13 next year.


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Art to heal wounds: IFFK to feature 160 films from 72 countries

As the state is steadily recovering from the ravages of the flood, the 23rd International Film Festival of Kerala, which commences on 7th December, will feature over 160 films from 72 countries. 11 packages of films including 'The Human Spirit: Films on Hope and Rebuilding' which reflects the efforts of overcoming struggles, will be screened as part of the festival. The category includes six films - Jayaraj's 'Vellapokkathil', Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto', Benh Zeitlin's 'Beasts of The Southern Wind', Fisher Steven's 'Before The Flood', Justin Chadwick's 'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom', and Wim Wenders's 'Pope Francis: A Man of His Word'.

Kerala, though was struck hard by the unexpected rainfall and deluge, thanks to its united, systematic approach and response, is racing up the lane of recovery. It is in this occasion that the theme of the festival itself was made the same – a token of hope to those who have …

Books on G Aravindan and M K Arjunan Launched

At the 23rd IFFK, two books published by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy were released. ‘Mouna Prarthana Pole’, a book on acclaimed filmmaker G Aravindan, written by S Jayachandran Nair, was launched by actor and filmmaker Nandita Das, as she handed over the copy of the book to Chelavoor Venu, Chairman, Federation of Film Societies India (FFSI) Keralam. A chronicle of the life of music composer M K Arjunan, ‘Pattinte Palaruvi Karayil’ written by M D Manoj, was released by film director Sibi Malayil by handing over to music director Bijibal. Following this, the festival special edition of the FFSI journal ‘Drishyathaalam’ was released by Nandita Das, as Kamal, Chairman, Kerala State Chalachitra Academy received the copy.